Full Features

Wherever you can connect to the internet, you can connect to Neo

With Neo, your information can be accessed on multiple devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) in real time. You don’t need to maintain a server or go through time-consuming updates. Updates are automatic and your data is always backed up.

One-Click Features

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Neo is so intuitive, many of its features can be used with just one click, to help save you time.

  • One click to create a patient consult from the schedule
  • One click to convert an estimate to a patient consult
  • One click to accept payment from a patient consult
  • One-click view of financial activity

Patient Consults

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Reusable procedure templates save you time.

  • Single-screen visit patient consult entry. Procedure templates allow you to quickly add formatted note templates with preloaded text and related product or service codes. You can modularize templates for specific visit types or procedure steps and group products and services into a single invoice line.

Diagnostic Ordering and Results

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  • Two-way integration with IDEXX Reference Laboratories and IDEXX In-house Analyzers, powered by VetConnect PLUS
  • Neo’s two-way integration brings you features that will eliminate manual steps and ensure charge capture
  • The Neo work flow will save you time in each visit, overall saving you valuable time each week. You can order directly from within the patient record in just three easy steps and diagnostic results are also available directly within the patient record
  • Setup has never been easier! There’s no installation or configuration. You can get connected in just minutes without any assistance needed, and you won’t be charged any ongoing service fees


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Easy, automated reminders make sure your patients never miss the care they deserve.

  • Reminders can be triggered by a product or service added to an invoice or they can be added ad hoc to any patient’s record. Generate automated communications (emails and texts) that you can set and forget for the lifetime of a patient.


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Share patient records online for easy referrals without the need to print, scan, or fax.

  • You can easily send out a third-party referral to give a specialist access to the patient’s record via email.

Client Communication

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Easy to control client communications are built into Neo.

Mail Communication and Postcards

  • With your client list, you can upload to the IDEXX reminder service for personalized, full-color postcards. Visit idexxreminderservice.com to learn more.
  • Free newsletters can be used to target specific customer segments.

Email and Texting

  • Free fully integrated email reminders and custom campaign emails are included.
  • Text reminders can be sent directly through Neo for a low additional fee.

Client Handouts

  • Print or email client visit summaries (i.e., patient report cards) on-demand after each visit and for specific disease states.

Social Media

  • Free social network support provided by Pet Health Network and the Pet Health Network Facebook page.

Pet Owner Hub

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Neo’s pet owner hub keeps your clients informed and is built into the software at no extra cost to you.
1. View your patient medical history with hand-outs
2. Pet-owner appointment scheduling:

  • Real-time scheduling saves time because it lets pet owners sign into Neo from their computer or mobile device and schedule an appointment in real time.
  • Neo’s scheduler controls the timing of pet owner-scheduled appointments throughout the day, eliminating gaps in your schedule and increasing efficiency.
  • Once the appointments are made, they are highlighted in the master calendar, alerting your staff.

3. See patient medical reminders.

System-Wide Search

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Neo has a single search box that is system-wide. You’ll never have to search through various tabs again.

Simple Scheduling

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  • Start a patient visit right from the schedule.
  • Easily move appointments.
  • Drag and drop scheduling.
  • Set up any time increment you want.
  • Easily access SMS reminders for each day’s appointments, with one click.
  • Customize to view by room or other user-defined attributes.
  • Easy for staff to view.

Client/Patient Profiles

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Simple profile with full view of client and patient

  • Integrated clinical and financial view. Keep track of client information: telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, all the pets they own, their financial activity, their appointments, any alerts, and documents or files associated with them. Set alerts for clients and patients. Set reminders easily.

Medical Record History

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One-flow medical records. No need to click between screens to view visit history; you can see an easy view of the full record just like a paper record.

  • Comprehensive view of a visit is grouped together. IDEXX Reference Laboratories integration links to IDEXX VetConnect PLUS. Ability to print the complete record. Medical Record for each visit includes products and services provided to patient, templated medical notes, problems, diagnosis, and weight.


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Simplified, easy reporting on key areas to help you more fully understand the health of your business and revenue from your client base.

  • Role-based KPI dashboard. Report on clients, patients, product/services, tax, sales and staff. End-of-day reports. Reporting is actionable for client communication. All reports can be easily visually demonstrated.

Inventory Management

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Easy-to-manage inventory: streamlined, simple creation and tracking of inventory.

  • Create and track purchase orders. Easily update stock levels. Ability to track batches. Add custom fields to further describe products/services. Reporting on key items (cost of goods sold, dispensed products in a date range, inventory listing, and inventory evaluation) and custom fields.

Accounts Receivable

Streamlined management of client transactions with full view into account history.

  • One-click view of financial activity. Easy checkout flow and payment acceptance. Flexibility in managing invoices. Tracks debts on accounts. Easy to merge multiple invoices into one invoice and payment. Ability to initiate prepayments. Easy refunds.

Additional Storage with Google Drive

Create and store documents online with Google Drive online storage service, a secure and accessible place for all of your digital documents.

Google Cloud Print

Printing through Google Cloud Print web-printing service that connects your printers to the web and auto-prints select forms and certificates.

Partner Integrations

  • Deputy employee management tool makes it easy for any business to manage scheduling, timesheets and more.
  • Smart Flow Sheet has whiteboard functionality that summarizes all the patients in a hospital into one field and can be viewed on any device.
  • More partner integrations will be added in the future