• Backed by IDEXX

    I’ve worked with IDEXX before, so I knew I could trust them to put out a good product. We’ve been thrilled with Neo. It’s by far the easiest software we’ve ever used!

    - Dr. Gina Finney, Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Services

  • Cut your costs

    After using other expensive, server-based software programs, I cannot recommend IDEXX Neo enough. I initially planned to use IDEXX Neo only until I could afford a larger system, now you couldn’t pay me enough to switch back!

    - Dr. Danielle Richardson, Coral Coast Veterinary Hospital

  • Simple, easy to use

    IDEXX Neo is easy to navigate and use. We can have as many terminals as we wish and access the software from anywhere we need.

    - Dr. Retief Botha, Maroochydore Veterinary Surgery

  • Getting started is easy

    The training was excellent, and within 12 hours our team was using Neo with no problems.

    - Dr. Gina Finney, Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Services

  • Safe and secure

    I trust that my data is safe and secure because IDEXX uses the highest level of security available.

    - Dr. Evan Ware, Laveen Veterinary Center